Tuesday, July 30, 2013

How to Upgrade Satellite Schema

If you get this email you should upgrade your database schema 

This is a notice to let you know that there is a satellite-schema  upgrade available for my-satellite-server.com.   Your current satellite-schema version:   Available satellite-schema upgrade:   We recommend to upgrade your satellite-schema at your earliest  convenience to receive latest schema fixes.   Please consult the appropriate errata solution text for detailed  instructions on how to upgrade your satellite-schema. 

How to Upgrade Database Schema 
  1. Stop satellite 
    1. Rhn-satellite stop 
  2. Su – oracle 
  3. Run Backup of Database 
    1. -bash-4.1$ db-control backup /rhnsat/   
  4. Exit from oracle and start oracle 
    1. # service oracle start   
  5. Run upgrade command and verify the version matches email 
    1. # spacewalk-schema-upgrade  The database schema was upgraded to version [satellite-schema-].  
  6. Restart Red Hat Network Satellite by running the following as root: 
    1. service oracle stop (embedded database variants only) 
    2. rhn-satellite start 

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