Thursday, July 16, 2015

How to Install Atomic Host on vSphere

RHEL Atomic Host Reference
How to Install Atomic Host on Vsphere

  1. right click on Cluster (choose your cluster)
  2. choose 'Deploy OVF Template'
  3. On Deploy OVF Template page
  4.     - Local File - location of \*.ova file
  5. review details > next
  6. Select Name and Folder - assign name and put in correct Folder
  7. select Storage >  (some datastore)  > next
  8. select network >  (some network)
  9. Add CD and mount the atomic0-cidata.iso that you create and upload to datastore (I had to create this iso, with 2 files, meta-data and user-data.
  10. We can create additional iso images, because this will use my hostname. AtomicHostX1
  11. the login is 'cloud-user' password = 'myatomic'

Register Atomic Host with Subscription Manager

  1. # subscription-manager register --force
  2. Validate subscription
    1. -bash-4.2# subscription-manager list