Wednesday, September 24, 2014

How to Update Client Hostname in Satellite

This page contains information about the How to Update Client Hostname in Satellite. When a hostname of a machine under a satellite is changed, the changes do not reflect in the satellite. - Deleting the machine with the old hostname and adding the system again fixes this issue, but doing this deletes all history and settings associated with the machine.
After changing the hostname of a satellite client run the following commands below to update and 'refresh' satellite.

  • Hostnames can be refreshed from within the satellite GUI by going to the Systems tab, clicking on the system, clicking the hardware sub-tab underneath the system name in the details page, and using the "Schedule hardware refresh" button at the top right.
  • This will refresh the hardware, usually immediately.
  • Also change the 'System Name'
  • Under Details >> Properties in the WebUI there is a "System Name" field . Edit these 'properties' to change to new/changed hostname
  • Run 'rhn-profile-sync -vv' on the client